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BioPharm Manufacturing

Many of today’s most effective pharmaceuticals are produced by culturing cells that produce therapeutic proteins or monoclonal antibodies. After the proteins or antibodies are produced, it’s necessary to gently remove the cultured cells as part of the purification process. Current technology requires the use of either a filter, which must be flushed or replaced, or a centrifuge, which requires careful cleaning between each use.

Market Applications
Market Applications
Pall Corporation's New System
Pall Corporation's New System

FloDesign Sonics’ innovative solution transforms the biopharm process by permitting both cell clarification and perfusion without the need for consumable filters or complex centrifuges. This revolutionary technology for cell clarification and perfusion of therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies has been exclusively licensed to Pall Life Sciences for commercialization and has launched in April 2016.

Batch Cell Clarification
  • Continuous AWS operation that will not foul
  • No centrifugation; reduced filtration area
  • Robust performance with changing feeds and high cell densities
  • Single use, plug and play solution for flexible manufacturing platforms
Perfusion Cell Retention
  • Continuous AWS operation that will not foul
  • Replace TFF/ATF cell retention device
  • Tunable cell retention; eliminates bleed and reduces product loss
  • Reduced retention of cell debris and fines
  • Possible live-dead retention bias
Biopharmaceutical CHO Cell Separation 
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