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Cell and Gene Therapy

Acoustic Cell processing is a unique, disruptive, and broad-based. It will help the industry simplify work- flows enabling closed, automated, and  gentle cell processing.

Recent success in cell and gene therapies offers hope and cures for many patients suffering from difficult-to-treat diseases. But without new tools in the form of innovative processing equipment, manufacturers will not be able to move forward quickly to help patients.

FloDesign Sonics recognizes that to move cell and gene therapy forward, manufacturers must develop robust, closed, and automated commercial processes. Engineers need bioprocess equipment that is flexible and adaptable to broad and evolving process needs. Solutions must also be modular so unit operations can be connected, combined, and scaled.

Acoustics Cell Processing is a new tool that enables the critical transition from manual, high-touch, open manufacturing operations to an integrated commercial process.  Gentle forces created using ultrasonic waves manipulate cells for a variety of unit operations such as concentrate-wash, affinity selection, or other separations.

Acoustic flow elements, like filter cassettes, are single-use consumables that are closed and easily automated.  Different acoustic elements are designed for different unit operations or process parameters; this provides modularity and flexibility to the platform needed for integration and automation.

By providing a technology platform with new capabilities and value, FloDesign Sonics hopes to solve the current and future problems cell and gene therapy process development teams are facing.chart1.PNG






Environmental Control

Closed Systems

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