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Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell therapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine are exciting new frontiers, with the potential for profound treatments that may prove to be curative, rather than simply therapeutic. These new frontiers present both manufacturing and logistical challenges, though, not the least of which is how to create sufficient quantities of these very complex products while controlling costs in order to make these therapies available to a large number of patients.

FloDesign Sonics’ technology is uniquely suited to answer the challenges of the specialized bioprocesses of cell therapy. Its solutions are continuous, easily scalable, and the closed, sterile systems are inherently gentle, without the disruptive forces of traditional solutions. Because this technology can easily be automated to produce a robust, repeatable process, FloDesign Sonics aims to develop a solution that will provide an integrated end-to-end process for cell and gene therapies. FloDesign Sonics is actively seek development partners for this space.

Problems Centrifuges/Filters Bring to Commercial Processes

6 Keys to a Commercial Cell Therapy Process

Levinson et al, BioProcess International, April 2015





Environmental Control

Closed Systems

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