Senior Leadership

Stanley Kowalski III
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
Dr. Bart Lipkens PHD
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Enda Bloomer
Chief Financial Officer
Richard Grant
Chief Product Officer
Patrick Kealy
Chief Legal Officer
Tomas Kennedy
Chief Innovation Officer
Chris Leidel
Chief Strategy Officer
Kathy Mincieli
VP Human Resources
Nina Bauer
VP Business Development


John Artis
Sr. Electronics and Controls Engineer
Adrian Barber
Biomedical Engineer
Kathleen Barrett
Executive Assistant
Kedar Chitale
Principal R&D Engineer
Mike Cronin
Lab Engineer
John Cushman
R&D Associate
Brian Dutra
Sr. R&D Engineer
Tod Herman
VP Operations
Chris Jurkiewicz
Mechanical Engineer
Brendan Kennedy
Patent Attorney
Jeffrey King
VP Product Development
Krishna Kumar
Sr. R&D Engineer
Denise LaBelle
Accounting Manager
Kevin Lannon
Director Global Sales
Shirae Leslie
Sr. Cell Processing Engineer
Fan Liu
Sr. R&D Engineer
Nick Manzi
Sr. R&D Engineer
Brian McCarthy
Sr. R&D Engineer
Mariel Minafra
Systems Engineering Manager
Ronald Musiak
Sr. Fellow Electronics
Kelly Norris
Office Administrator
Jasmine Powers
Finance and HR Associate
Ben Ross-Johnsrud
Sr. R&D Engineer
Jack Saloio
R&D Engineer
Theodore Schultz
Mechanical Engineer
Rob Scott
Sr. R&D Engineer
Tim Taga
Applications and Tech Support Engineer
Rui Tostoes
VP Cell Processing
Jennifer Wilson
Ruan Zhang
Sr. Scientist Immunology

Board Members

Doug Berthiaume
Board Member
John Davis
Board Member
Steve Davis
Board Member
Kevin Delbridge
Board Member
Mike Harsh
Board Member
Daniella Kranjac
Board Member
Rob Roy
Board Member
Boris Ryabov
Board Member
Jim Waters
Board Member