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Put an Acoustic Engine in Your Process

Our vision is a closed, integrated platform based on FloDesign Sonic’s acoustic engine in key steps in your process

We Started from the Ground Up

When looking at manufacturing challenges facing cell and gene therapies we knew incremental improvements were not enough.  Closed and automated are basic requirements.  A platform technology was required to handle key manufacturing steps, and we discovered acoustics were the perfect solution.  We then considered the proven advantages of a modular design and simplified automation for ease of use

Automate Your Process

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive touch screen for control of all processes, recipes, batch records, management functions.  Work in development mode with the support of FloDesign Sonics’ experts to customize your process    

Step By Step Instructions

Reduce operator error, simplifies training    

Process at a Glance

Quickly know exactly what is happening in the process.  Easily plan your next task     

Manage Batch Records

Detailed batch summary with several options for exporting

Modularity means Flexibility

The flow control unit can be swapped out depending on the fluid handling requirements of each process step.  A single-use cartridge is also purpose built

Current Applications
Acoustic Concentrate / Wash (ACW)
Coming Soon
Acoustic Affinity Cell Selection (AACS)
Coming Soon
Acoustic Cell Retention (ACR)