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One platform
for many applications

Imagine one technology adaptable to so many process steps.  Swapping out a fluid handling unit and process specific single-use cartridges makes it possible.

Concentrate and Wash

Whether you need to process an apheresis product or are harvesting from a bioreactor, the ekko system processes continuously without interruption. Flexible control allows for a wide range of inputs & final concentrations, yields or processing times. Peace of mind knowing that cell viability is maintained due to the low energy acoustic mechanism.

Concentrate Wash Chart

Applicable to both upstream and downstream process steps;

  •  Buffer exchange and formulation
  •  Bioreactor harvesting
  • Volume reduction down to 5ml
  • Single cell depletion for aggregate cell cultures

Cell Selection


Remove TCR+ cells in post expansion allogeneic CAR-T processes

  • Achieve higher than 97% TCR- final population
  • Maintain process time below 2 hours
  • Make process scalable for allogeneic applications (1-20L)

Note: Results were obtained in under 2hr


Imagine an invisible acoustic field which acts as a barrier to retain cells.  A perfusion process without the need of filters.  Contact FloDesign Sonics to learn more and discuss your application. 

Put an Acoustic Engine in Your Process