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One platform
for many applications

Imagine one technology adaptable to so many process steps.  Swapping out a fluid handling unit and process specific single-use cartridges makes it possible.

Concentrating Primary Cultures of T-cells


Concentrate cultures of activated T-cells at various input volumes and densities

  • Determine performance envelop of acoustic chambers 1LE, 1LH for development of combined single-use cartridge
  • Verify minimal impact on cell viability

Note: Optimization of process time was not a primary goal.  Optimization now being performed on new single-use cartridge

Cell Selection


Remove TCR+ cells in post expansion allogeneic CAR-T processes

  • Achieve higher than 97% TCR- final population
  • Maintain process time below 2 hours
  • Make process scalable for allogeneic applications (1-20L)

Note: Results were obtained in under 2hr

Representative flow cytometry plot


Imagine an invisible acoustic field which acts as a barrier to retain cells.  A perfusion process without the need of filters.  Contact FloDesign Sonics to learn more and discuss your application. 

Put an Acoustic Engine in Your Process