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One platform
for many applications

Imagine one technology adaptable to so many process steps.  Swapping out a fluid handling unit and process specific single-use cartridges makes it possible.

Concentrate and Wash

Whether you need to process an apheresis product or are harvesting from a bioreactor, the ekko system processes continuously without interruption. Flexible control allows for a wide range of inputs & final concentrations, yields or processing times. Peace of mind knowing that cell viability is maintained due to the low energy acoustic mechanism.  Cell lines we have processed include:

  • T cells
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)
  • Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSCs)

T cell Harvest System Capabilities and Exemplar Results:

Process Inputs
Volume ≥120 mL
Viable Cell Density ≥0.75e6 T cells/mL
Total Viable Cells ≥0.75e9 T cells
Process Outputs
Volume ≥15 mL
Process Performance
Viable Cell Recovery 90% ± 5%
Viability <5% change
Throughput 3 L/hr with additional 30 min wash
Wash Residuals >99%


  • Viable cell recovery and viability determined using Nucleocounter NC-200 & flow cytometry
  • Wash residuals for BSA measured using ELISA assay, Interferon Gamma (IFN-γ) and Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) determined using Luminex
  • Exemplar process parameters include: 1 billion T cells in 1L with output of 80 mL

Comparison of T cell population phenotypes before and after ekko™ cell processing.  Phenotypes determined using flow cytometry show no impact of processing:

Aggregate Processing

The ekko™ system can be connected to your bioreactor of choice to enable a closed, integrated, and automated solution for your PSC aggregate expansion or differentiation process.  The system is tunable to maximize single cell removal or aggregate retention at each step while being gentle by minimizing time out of your reactor. Multiple unit operations can be performed such as:

Aggregate Pluripotent Stem Cell Media Exchange System Capabilities and Exemplar Results:

Process Inputs
Volume ≥120 mL
Aggregate Cell Number ≥1e8 aggregate cells
Process Outputs
Volume ≥15 mL
Process Performance
Aggregate Recovery Tunable up to 99%
Viability <5% change
Throughput 4-6 L/hr
Single Cell Depletion Tunable up to 93%


  • Aggregate recovery, single cell depletion & viability determined using ViCell
  • Exemplar process parameters include: 1 billion PSCs in 2L with output of 2L

Output power titration curve on PSC aggregates with a size range of 100-200uM demonstrating impact of power/flow ratio on cluster retention (green) and single cell depletion (blue).

Cell Selection


Removal of TCR+ cells in post-expansion allogeneic CAR-T process

Analysis demonstrates less than 3% TCR+ cells in single-pass process showing high purity of TCR- cells.


Cell Concentration determined using Nucleocounter NC-200, TCR determined using Flow cytometry

Cell Surface Marker Cell Concentration
Feed Vol.
Initial %
Final %
Recovery %
TCR 10 100 79 96 89
TCR 30 100 79 94 95
  • Achieve higher than 97% TCR- final population
  • Maintain process time below 2 hours
  • Make process scalable for allogeneic applications (1-20L)

Note: Results were obtained in under 2hr


Imagine a perfusion process without the need of filters. Our acoustic technology can do just that.

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