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Much of what we rely on for our very lives depends on filtration and separation – critical processes that yield vital elements like clean water, lifesaving pharmaceuticals, and fuel. Humans have filtered liquids for thousands and thousands of years, but the process – while being refined – has stayed largely unchanged.

Until now.

The team at FloDesign Sonics is pioneering a revolutionary approach to particle manipulation in a fluid flow, using acoustic technology to generate multi-dimensional standing waves, waves that make it possible to capture, filter, separate, and concentrate particles in fluid – all without traditional techniques.

With an approach that fuses science, health, innovation, and business in a novel and dynamic way, the visionary team at FloDesign Sonics is changing the way we interact with the world around us.

Though it takes a team of brilliant scientists to develop and refine the principles and technology FloDesign Sonics uses to separate and purify liquids, the effects are elegant and simple. Harnessing the power of acoustic waves rather than physical filters or chemicals means the FloDesign Sonics process is both gentler and more efficient. Sound waves and gravity do the work of separation and purification better and more consistently than any physical filter can, and they liberate us from reliance on physical barriers or the strong forces created by a centrifuge.

Building on the principles of acoustic transducers, power electronics, control systems, and fluid dynamics systems, FloDesign Sonics is making waves, creating innovative solutions for problems we encounter in our everyday lives.

  • Platform technology with many applications
  • Multi dimensional acoustic force fields
  • Macro scale flow rates: 1mL per min to 50L per hour
  • Novel transducers, flow elements, and driver electronics
  • Multiple issued and pending patents

Acoustophoretic separation:

Generation of forward propagating wave
Reflection of backward propagating wave
Cells enter flow channel
Acoustic forces trap cells from flow
Acoustic forces cause cell clustering
Enhanced gravitational settling causes cells to drop
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Flow Direction
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